Have you recently gotten a diagnosis only to find that when you start calling providers there are crazy long wait lists?

Being told your child has to wait several months to gain access to services that you want to begin as soon as possible and that research indicates that sooner you start the greater the possibility your child will have to “catch up” with their peers is more than FRUSTRATING.

WE HEAR YOU AND WE AGREE!  At Great Strides, we have a NO WAIT LIST policy! When you inquire about services with us, a member of our team will provide a FREE consultation with you to learn more about your needs and the needs of your child with the goal of getting the appropriate level of services started as soon as possible. 


Let us help….

Getting started can be overwhelming, but it is the most important step on every journey! At GSBC, we are committed to easing your process by creating a customized and thoughtful care plan for your child.

Are you interested in a joining our team?

Please see the job listings below for a rewarding career with Great Strides.