Great Strides has been providing cutting-edge ABA services to St Louis, St Charles and the surrounding counties since 2004.  We have over 65 years of combined experience in both the science and strategies of ABA as well as education.  We pride ourselves on staying up to date with the research and methodologies of both fields and strive to provide the highest level of client/family care and support possible.

Our Core Values – In order to create an environment that promotes positive and sustainable achievement for our clients and staff, these are our guiding principles as an organization:

  • Growth – For our clients, our employees and our organization. 

  • Integrity – To be trustworthy, honest and compassionate in all we do.

  • Respect – To have understanding and the capacity for empathy for one another. 

  • Collaboration– Working together with each other and our clients to do something great!  

  • Best Practice – Proven Methods, Proven Results. 

  • Self-Determination – To promote opportunities for greater independence and self-advocacy in our employees and clients.

Why choose us?

  • As one of the original ABA providers in Missouri, GSBC offers superior-quality services with a strong emphasis on the science of Behavior Analysis.

  • Our BCBA’s and management (who are also BCBA’s) are a St Louis based group of highly qualified and committed professionals with over 65 years of collective experience working with children with Autism as well as a variety of developmental disabilities.

  • We are passionate about what we do and strive to demonstrate that passion everyday.

  • Our focus on self-regulation. We believe that promoting self-regulation skills during the early years helps children develop critical skills like learning to focus and shift attention, controlling emotions and behavior, problem-solving, and developing coping strategies that promote their success in all facets of life as they grow.

  • Continuous Data Collection. Your child will think they come here just to “play”, but we make the most of every learning opportunity and take continuous data throughout the day.

  • We are approved providers for most major medical insurance carriers and Missouri First Steps.

  • Our therapists have the support and supervision of at least one BCBA on-site at all times.

  • We are just as passionate about our team as we are about our clients. Our full-time staff are provided full benefits and retirement in an effort to retain an amazing team of dedicated staff!

Our Approach

Our approach features a positive and systematic, yet flexible approach to Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) for autism intervention. Creative and accommodating, our treatments are tailored to address each child’s unique abilities. Although we specialize in Early Intervention, we serve clients ages birth to 18 years old.  Our teaching strategies are natural and motivating, so that skills will become independent and internally reinforcing.  Additionally, our treatment approach encourages active collaboration with the parents throughout the program. We believe that having continuous ongoing communication between parents and therapists is crucial to monitor progress, encourage generalization of skills and thus achieve the best outcomes for the child.

Let us help…

Learn how we can help with our proven methodology or reach out to us to have a trained professional work with you to review your individual needs.